Several key points for choosing small household wind turbines

Several key points for choosing small household wind turbines

We usually call wind turbines below 10KW as small wind turbines. Compared with medium-sized and large-scale wind turbines, small wind turbines have the advantages of being compact and flexible, simple and convenient in installation, low cost, low starting wind speed requirements, high cost performance, and can complement photovoltaic and other power generation equipment.

In recent years, as renewable energy-wind energy has attracted more and more attention, small wind turbines have become the first choice of farmers and herdsmen, and they have also played a great role in the energy-saving transformation of urban construction, urban residents, and enterprises and institutions. 

Then, in addition to wind resources, power consumption, inverters and batteries, and how to install them, the choice of small wind turbines themselves is the key.

In this regard, the following points are put forward for our reference.

1. Wind blade: It is best to strengthen the glass fiber reinforced plastic blade, which has the advantages of corrosion resistance, high strength, and good installation.

2. Bearings: imported bearings, with high working efficiency, wear resistance, long service life and long service life.

3. Magnets: Magnets use rare earth neodymium iron boron permanent magnets, which have high efficiency, light weight, low energy consumption and large output power.

4. Anti-Strong Wind Tail Plane: It is best to have a rudder pre-deflection plan, so that it can automatically and accurately align the windward direction to improve the output power while taking into account adjustment and strong wind maintenance.

6. Connection method: It is best to use casing connection, which has high safety, no runaway phenomenon, and the installation industry is very convenient. It is important to know that installing a fan in the field is not only a technical task, but also a physical task. The ease of installation is a boon for the on-site installers.

The above items to be noted when choosing a small wind turbine are expected to help us easily choose a wind turbine that suits us.