How much does the overall cost of a wind turbine generator cost?

How much does the overall cost of a wind turbine generator cost?

The overall cost of a wind turbine:

The initial construction investment of wind power is huge. Take domestic wind farms as an example:

A 2MW wind turbine, the purchase cost of the wind turbine is about 7.2-8.5 million/unit, and the wind tower column is welded in sections on site. The foundation of the wind tower with a height of 65m or more requires a large amount of concrete as the pile foundation. The weight of a tower is more than 200 tons. The construction cost of a single tower column is about 2 million yuan.

Therefore, without calculating the operation and maintenance network and the supporting settings of the entire wind farm, simply calculating the cost of a wind turbine is as high as 9-10 million. This is also a commonly used 2MW wind turbine.

According to the current wind power market: the cost of 1.5MW units is around 3300 yuan/kW, and the average price of medium-megawatt units above 3MW is close to 4,000 yuan/kW. With the development of time, the price fluctuates, but there is not much difference.

Nowadays, in areas with relatively high-quality wind farms, such as coastal wind farms, basically all wind turbines are 3MW, even 5MW, 6MW, or more than 7MW.

Knowledge points: 1MW=1000KW=1000,000W.

A wind farm has 10-20 generator sets under normal conditions, and the cost of a power plant is about 150-300 million yuan. (Don't look at the big windmills, the cost is not affordable for ordinary small businesses)